Brewing beer with Tom

As an amateur beer brewer, Tom brews his own beers in Tom’s Hütte. Do you have questions about the brewing process or do you want to brew yourself or with a group? Ask for the possibilities to brew during your holiday via the contact form.

We make the wort on the brewing day. That takes about a day.

  • We start with preparing and cleaning all things. Brewing kettle, barrels and other aids;
  • The brewing water is already heated up;
  • The various ingredients weighed and scraped;
  • When the water is warm enough we start mashing;
  • After rinsing the brush, the wort is boiled;
  • Hops are weighed and added;
  • Check regularly whether everything is going well;
  • The wort is cooled after cooking;
  • The yeast can be added to the wort;
  • The wort goes into the fermentation cabinet and everything is cleaned and tidy!

After a beautiful brewing day, we have to wait a few weeks for the result. But of course there is always a home-brewed beer at home. Cheers!

After a few weeks, the wort has fermented and we have beer. It just doesn’t contain carbonic acid yet. Bottling the beer with a little bottling sugar will create carbon dioxide in the beer. Depending on the type of beer, the bottles are aged for several weeks to several months before they are at their best.

Brew Beer Bier Bierbrouwen Nassfeld Hermagor PresseggerSee Workshop
Brew beer Bierbrouwen Nassfeld Hermagor Bier

Tom entered the Brand beer brewing competition. And brewed a delicious winter beer. View the promo on Facebook.

Brew beer Bierbrouwen Nassfeld Hermagor Bier

Tom organized a beer brewing course for 3 years for the beer brewery guild the Amervallei. In 2019, a brewing day was recorded by the Utrecht TV broadcaster. Watch the broadcast of Omroep Utrecht.

Brew beer Bierbrouwen Nassfeld Hermagor Bier

And are you not interested in the beer process, but would you like to taste Tom’s own brewed beer? Ask about the possibilities of a beer tasting!